Virtual Numbers

Advertise your business in any county in Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK

€20.00 per month plus call charges

All charges are ex. VAT @ 23%

We can provide you with Geographic/Non Geographic numbers for anywhere in Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK. You can advertise these numbers on all your stationary and give the impression you are located in more than one area. These numbers can be pointed to our office, your office or your mobile.

Geographic numbers are numbers with an area code e.g. 01 Dublin, 021 Cork, 091 Galway

Non Geographic numbers are Freephone and local rate numbers e.g. 1800 and 0818

With our Virtual Numbers you can also avail of our Call Divert Service which allows you our client to control the time and place that your calls are received. Our platform allows your calls to follow one path when the business is open and available to take calls and gives you the option to select 3 other destinations when it is not.

For example if your business operates Monday to Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm, calls can be presented to the office as normal then at 6.00pm week days through to 9.00am the following morning (including weekends), calls can be sent through to an on-call mobile phone or another landline number.

You have the option to select up to 4 destinations. Destination numbers can include landline or mobile numbers.

Note: To avail of our call divert service an additional monthly charge will apply.

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